Wednesday, 22 January 2014

{Fancy That} The first Primary PGCE post... SHOEBOX BARN


What do you see here? *see below... not above*

The correct answer is "a plain boring shoe box which couldn't possibly be anything OTHER than a shoe box, and there's no possible way it could ever look anything like a barn."

Now look high above. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT!

This has been my Wednesday planning work, ready for a series of D and T lessons I am going to be doing with a year 1 class and, judging by the amount of paint I have on my hands, the children are going to look like... well something splattered all over in red.

This week in Science we will be discussing farm animals and why farmers choose to farm the animals they do (including trying to very gently broach the idea of eating the animals... not in the brutal way Troy McClure's video does it in The Simpsons...). 

Primary teachers go crazy for cross-curricular topics so what better way than making our OWN barn. 

So for anyone wanting to try and design anything out of a shoe box - houses, barns, hotels, animal cages, garages, churches... this is how I did it and it was good fun!

Draw a line around the top of the box, about 1/3 down the sides.

Cut out the line on the long sides of the shoebox...

Then cut the shorter sides of the shoe box so that they are pointed in the centre

Get a new piece of card which is about 1 inch wider than the shoe box all the way round

Score a line down the middle of the new card (long ways) so that it can be folded in half.

Now it's your roof! See here also the doors...

Draw on windows/doors/ anything you fancy.

I painted mine red

And the roof was yellow (it's meant to be thatched... yay fire hazards.)

And you're done!

I added a cow in the window because I found it a-moo-sing (oh dear...) and the children can have a think about what they might put inside their barn (I will probably buy a big bag of hay from a pet shop and maybe make some templates of horses that they can cut out of card and stick inside.